Recently I met with a business executive in an appeal for financial assistance for the Lighted Candle Society.   In response to my outlining the enormous consequences to our society from the production and distribution of pornography he said to me, “...everyone knows where pornography comes from and everyone knows how to avoid it if they want to.”  I then asked him the following questions:

1.                  Where do you and your wife buy your books?

2.                  What credit cards do you most frequently use?

3.                  When you travel which hotels do your usually patronize?

4.                  What firm do you use for your Internet access?

5.                  What is your favorite soft drink?

6.                  What is your children’s favorite fast food restaurant?

7.                  What motion pictures have you seen in the last six months?

In response to each of his answers I informed him that in every instance the product or service or the entity that makes the product or provides the services that he had named is actively, willfully, and intentionally involved in the production, distribution, or financing of pornography.  His countenance said what his lips would not say, “...I don’t believe you.”

The experience awakened me to the realization that information that I live with on a daily basis regarding those who produce and distribute pornography is often unknown to most of the general public.  They literally have no clue as to the extent to which the secret combinations that reap enormous profits from pornography are a part of their everyday lives.

In this newsletter we have prepared a very brief and by no means complete analysis of how some of America’s largest and most prestigious corporations shamelessly profit from the production and distribution of pornography.  These corporate entities either produce, distribute, or finance the production and distribution by others, or facilitate the marketing of pornography by others.  The point we wish to make is that as much as possible they strive to keep hidden from the general public their involvement in bringing so much misery and suffering into the lives of those who become addicted to pornography.

Our purpose in providing this information is simply to make you aware of the extent of the cabal of evil that exists to support and extend the power of pornography into our communities and our homes.  I did not suggest to the above referenced business executive that he cease doing business with any of the entities he names, or cease purchasing their products, or cease patronizing their places of business.  That is an individual decision that we would not presume to recommend.   However, knowledge is power.  To the degree that you and others possess knowledge of how powerful and far reaching the influence of the pornography industry really is, you can be better prepared to protect yourself, your family, and your community from intrusion into your lives of the evil darkness that is the world of the pornography industry.


Deceit is an ever present aspect of the nature of pornography.  Individuals who are involved with pornography deceive themselves by rationalizing away the inner warning voice of danger as they allow themselves to imbibe the vile images and obscenities of pornography.  As the craving for more and more explicit material engulfs their weakened will power the deception spreads to spouses and then to all other family relationships.  Then as the craving becomes addiction the deception extends to everyone beyond the family circle.  The employer or business partner, co-workers, friends, class mates in school, minister or ecclesiastical leader, and most incredible of all, the self-deception that “God does not care as long as no one gets hurt.”

Communities which tolerate the production and distribution of pornography within their bounds magnify the same self- deception.  The city and county of Los Angeles exemplifies this point.  Thus, the deception spreads from individuals to communities to cities and states, and finally to the entire nation.  The voices of warning are drowned out by the ring of the cash register and the deposit of local tax receipts from entities that produce or distribute pornography.  What had been that disturbing awareness of wrong-doing is finally pummeled into submission and the addiction to pornography, personal, local, or national dominates every other principles, emotion, or cognition.

The pattern of deception becomes more perfected as the financial rewards of decadence become more irresistible.   Thus, the secret combinations of profiteers from the production and distribution of pornography encompass many of the nation’s most prestigious corporations.  The boards of directors are composed of men and women who are acknowledged as the most admired achievers among us.  They too are the practitioners of self-deception as they choose to ignore the personal surrender of their ethical and moral principles.  The hundreds and millions of dollars that the production and distribution of pornography brings to their corporate profits overwhelms any sense of shame or doubt about the vile nature of those profits.

It has taken only a few years for this phenomenon of deception to take place.  Forty years ago when I first became a participant in the fight against pornography the producers and distributors of porn were primarily elements of the Mafia and a variety of less noteworthy criminal types.  Their products were as technically crude as they were vile and morbid.  In less than twenty years several decisions by the United States Supreme Court and new technology such as the videocassette made it possible to distribute pornography directly into the home.  That made it possible for all who were involved,  the producer,  the buyer and the seller to remain anonymous.

During those same forty years the entertainment media had been subtly but effectively eroding the nation’s sense of propriety regarding obscenities.  The emergence of the Internet, in addition to the videocassette and the DVD created a situation in which enormous financial rewards could be obtained from the production and distribution of pornography.  The Internet made it possible to obscure the fact that the vile material was being financed, produced, distributed and consumed by presumably respectable individuals and business entities.  Hence, some of the most financially powerful enterprises in America could no longer resist the temptation to sell filth.

As the pervasiveness and the decadence of the pornographic material increased so the self-deception  of the nation regarding the inevitable consequences of embracing those who produce and distribute pornography has also increased.  It is impossible to quantify the human tragedies that are taking place on a daily basis which are directly caused by the presence of this infestation of filth.  We now have the indefensible irony that a corporation which may unintentionally pollute our water or air can be fined millions of dollars, or even be completely shut down, and its executives sentenced to prison terms, but a corporation that willfully pollutes the moral values of the nation, and targets unsuspecting youth by enticing them with presentations using individuals of apparent wealth and glamour are accorded honors and the increased value of their publicly traded shares of stock.

The practical limitations of space make it impossible to print in this newsletter all of the data that we have acquired.  What we present herein confirms that these secret combinations of evil exist, and their influence is felt on every continent.  We have witnessed the creation of a situation in which no government in the world has the capacity to either defy or control the distribution of obscenities within their own borders.  Many governments willfully encourage the production and distribution of pornography as one of their most lucrative exports.

For more than a decade, until the year 2002, two of America’s largest corporation, General Motors and AT&T, each earned hundreds of millions of dollars per year in the sale and production of pornographic materials by subsidiary companies.  In both instances the wholly owned subsidiaries were in the business of broadcasting on a twenty-four hour basis seven days a week of hard core pornographic motion pictures.  (In the year 2002 nearly ten thousand such pornographic motion pictures were produced in Los Angeles County.)  The boards of directors of both companies were well aware of the nature of the business of filth in which these subsidiaries were engaged.  The ultimate sale of these subsidiaries by both companies were for reasons totally unrelated to any miss-giving or sense of shame on the part of their governing directors regarding the file nature of their products.  The sale by AT&T of its broadband cable network to Comcast was valued at $29.2 billion dollars.  A significant portion of that value came from the entities under the AT&T broadband ownership that broadcast pornography on a twenty-four hour seven day a week basis.

A major trend in the technology for the distribution of pornography is the combination of the Internet with television to create an inter-active single source media.  Liberty Media, through its subsidiary, On Command, serves about 3400 hotel and resort properties in 19 countries with more than one million rooms.  They claim to have provided services to more than 250 million hotel guests each year.  Without exception these services include the broadcast of pornographic entertainment.  Their hotel partners include Adams Mark, Crown Plaza, Holiday Inn, Fairmont, Four Seasons, Hyatt, Lowes, Marriott (Courtyard, Renaissance, Fairfield Inn and Residence Inns) Radisson, Ramada, Starwood (Westin, Sheraton, W. Hotels, Four Points) and Wyndham hotels.   Another provider of PPV media is Lodgenet, whose client list includes the Hilton chain of hotels and resorts.

Borders booksellers, a publicly held Fortune 500 company operates nearly 750 Waldenbook stores nation wide and another 36 stores by the name of “Books Etc.” in the UK.  The Borders group offers over 1,500 different pornographic titles for purchase on their website (which is powered by and in their stores.  The titles include “Girls Who Like Girls, Every Man’s Fantasy, Pleasures of a Woman, Lustful Addiction, The Sex Substitute,” and “Playboy Staying on Top,” etc.

Borders and Barnes and Noble both promote “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star,” by Jenna Jameson, a highly touted porno movie performer.   That book contains a variety of extremely obscene photographs and graphic descriptions of various forms of perverted sexual conduct.  The book is published by Harper & Collins along with similar pornographic books such as  “How To Have A XXX Sex Life” and “The Ultimate Vivid Guide.”

Barnes & Noble booksellers offer over 1,900 pornographic titles to their customers via their website and in store sales.  They also provide the same sex books from Harper and Collins publishers that are sold by Borders.  Their catalogue includes over two hundred Playboy books and videos.  In 1998 Barnes and Noble was indicted on 32 counts of selling child pornography by the District Attorney in Montgomery, Alabama.  The indictment cited the selling of two pedophile books entitled “The Age of Innocense,” and “Radiant Identities.”  The Alabama Attorney General asserted in a press conference that the pictures in these books were “...designed to elicit a sexual response.”

Pornography on the Internet is financed almost entirely by credit card purchases.  Cybernet Ventures, the owner of Adultcheck internet Access Systems, serves 4 million customers in the United States and other countries.  Adultcheck gives access to four hundred thousand pornography web sites for a subscription price of twenty dollars every three months.    They also offer a gold level membership for twenty dollars per month that delivers access to increasingly graphic obscenities.  Cybernet Ventures nets $320 million annually. (Forbes online: “See No Evil,” Seth Lubov, 9/17/01.)

The credit card companies publicly “regret” their involvement with online pornography, but nonetheless the largest credit card companies are reputed to earn about $35 million per month from pornography purchases. (Newsletter by Ed Rampell, By The Numbers, http://www.avnonline,com/2003/corecontents/cc3003.01.shtml.)   The Financial Times also reported that ninety plus percent of the online purchases of pornography are by credit card. (Passing The Buck Won’t Help; The Financial Times Ltd., June 12, 2002.)   The corporate logos for the three major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, and Amex) appear on several pornography sites, some of which feature excretory functions and beastiality.

Firms like CCBill, Internet Billing Co., and Paycom are the middlemen in this secret combination.  Paycom as an example processes twelve million credit card transactions per month for pornography purchases (pay per view, etc), each averaging  twenty dollars, totaling two hundred and forty million dollars.  Paycom then issues an innocuous billing statement which leaves the credit card companies and card issuing banks with no way to verify the nature of the pornography transactions that are coming through a third party.

In 2002 Visa announced that it was now charging higher initial and recurring fees for its services to “high risk” merchants.  On November 1st, 2002, MasterCard began charging all merchants who process charges through a third party processor an initial fee of one thousand dollars and an annual renewal fee of five hundred dollars.  They also ordered the removal of their logo from all adult merchants.  These fees are minuscule compared to the income that the third party providers are able to obtain.  Visa and MasterCard continue to receive enormous revenue from their facilitating the purchase of pornography over the Internet. 

The pattern of deceit and obfuscation is especially egregious with regard to Internet search companies.  Yahoo deleted the adult content on its US portal in 2001.  However, in 2003 Yahoo acquired Overture Services, through which Yahoo is now selling ads to a wide range of adult web sites.  Yahoo also features porn ads on its European outlets.  Google and eBay also provide pron adds on their sites. 


The Pornography Conspiracy to Seduce Young People Through Pop Music

Vivendi Universal is the world’s largest music company.  It is the parent entity of fifteen different Universal Music Group labels, including Interscope Records, which produces and promotes pornographic materials.  Following are just several of the many Vivendi Universal pornographic performers and performing groups:

·                      Eminem, a performer known for his ties to the pornography industry.  He regularly uses pornography actresses in his videos.

·                      “D 12,” “G-Unit,’ “50 Cent,” and “Lloyd Banks,” all of which are synonymous with obscene content in their performances.

·                      Vivendi Universal Games has recently produced a video-game called “Leisure Suit Larry,” which is based on the ability of the player to make it possible for the main character to have sex with as many college girls as is possible.

·                      Vivendi Universal also controls “Spencer’s Gifts,” a nation-wide chain of stores that sell posters promoting the largest producers of pornographic films.  The posters feature porn actresses in titillating and semi-lesbian acts.  The firm also sells a series of sexually explicit toys and cards.  These items are all sold any customer, no matter how young they may be.

We conclude this portion of our newsletter by noting that we are omitting documentation involving a number of other major producers and distributors of pornography such as MCI (formerly WorldCom), Echo Star Technology Corp. (a provider of cable and satellite services) and ‘Rupert Murdock’s News Corp., that now owns and runs Direct TV, a major distributor of cable pay per view pornographic materials.


During this past month I received a letter which demonstrated a serious lack of understanding about the work of the Lighted Candle Society.  The writer took issue with one aspect of our mission and appeared to be totally unaware of the other endeavors we are continually pursuing.  Pondering that letter led me to conclude that most of our newsletter subscribers have very little contact with the majority of the work that the Lighted Candle Society performs on a continuing basis.  Following is just a partial summary of our activities in October:

·                      We provided substantial financial support to two Utah groups actively involved in anti-pornography work in their communities.

·                      We financially contributed to the legal defense fund of the various small independent entities that sanitize motion pictures to make them “family friendly.”  These firms are now being sued by the motion picture industry to force them to stop editing motion pictures for individuals and families who want offensive material removed.

·                      We met in Washington, D.C. with senior attorneys of the United States Department of Justice to discuss possible litigation strategies against the pornography industry.  (The expense of that trip was paid by a third party and did not cost the LCS anything.)

·                      We have given eight speeches to various religious congregations and civic groups regarding how to protect themselves and their families from the increasing amount of individual and family devastation caused by the presence of pornography.

·                      Met with and advised citizens in a small Utah community on how to plan and create a community based program to confront the spread of pornography in their community.

·                      Responded to numerous telephone and e-mail inquiries.

·                      Completed filming and editing of a thirty minute video presentation regarding the causes and consequences of porn to be distributed on videocassette and DVD to any interested party.

·                      Prepared and distributed our monthly newsletter.

We did all of this with one part time employee and one secretary office manager who is paid on an hourly basis to work from her home.