Jim Christensen





John L. Harmer, Chairman of the Lighted Candle Society, announced today that on Wednesday, May 3, 2006, The Lighted Candle Society will host The Fourth Annual Guardian Of The Light Award Dinner in Salt Lake City honoring Dr. Judith Reisman, nationally recognized authority on the issue of Community Standards and JoAnn Hibbert Hamilton, local community leader in the fight against obscenity.    


The Lighted Candle Society has four critical projects that are desperately in need of funding so that we can engage in direct combat with the pornography industry. 


      1.  Symposium on Community Standards

2.      Medical Research on the effects of pornography on the brain.

3.      Litigation against the proliferators of pornography on society.

4.       Educating the public on the harmful effects of pornography in the community.


We have assumed that we could do more with less if we provided the leadership and the strategy for success.  So far that assumption has been far from being confirmed.  So once again we make an appeal to all who read or hear this message to answer the question   “If not me, then who?  If not now, then when?”  If the battle for the preservation of our heritage for the benefit of your children and grandchildren is not your battle, then whose is it?   If the attack upon the very foundations of our way of life is not worthy of concern and sacrifice now, when will it be?


Individuals or organizations that would like to obtain more information about the Guardian Of The Light Award Dinner are invited to submit a request to The Lighted Candle Society at

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