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In order to accomplish its mission the Lighted Candle Society engages in various programs by which the moral and spiritual values that were an essential element in the creation and preservation of the American Republic are reaffirmed in the lives of the citizens of the United States and their families. Among these programs are the following:

The society publishes and distributes a monthly newsletter. The newsletters are written to inform the reader of the individual and societal dangers that exist in the consumption of the obscene and pornographic materials that have become so prevalent in the American media, entertainment, and electronic cultures. The newsletters also contain information and current research regarding the ways in which individuals and families can become aware of positive and uplifting alternatives for education and entertainment to the debased and vulgar materials that dominate these media.

The Lighted Candle Society engages in research to provide educational programs to individuals and organizations regarding how to teach and inculcate into the character of children, youth, and adults the affirmative values of a moral society. These programs are prepared by highly skilled professional educators and religious leaders and are made available in various media formats for use in the home, the school, and the religious institution.

The Lighted Candle Society sponsors various fund raising programs for the benefit of local volunteer organizations that are striving to prevent and remove the presence of pornographic or obscene materials within their community. Many of these local volunteer organizations are organized by zealous and well meaning individuals who do not have the experience and background necessary to deal with the powerful resources available to the pornography industry. In order to facilitate the availability of legal and educational resources to these local volunteer organizations the Lighted Candle Society sponsors a variety of fund raising activities in order to distribute these funds to local volunteer groups who have demonstrated their interest in and commitment to the enhancement and preservation of decency and morality within their community.

The name of this program is taken from the Old Testament account of how the youthful David slew the giant Goliath. David, with no armor and no sword or spear, but only his leather sling, went to a brook and selected “five smooth stones” to be used as his ammunition against the giant Goliath. The pornography industry today has become a huge Goliath of such enormous financial resources and power that there is no way for the many small local “David’s” to be able to stand up against this giant. A secret combination of legal, financial, and political powers gives the pornography industry the capacity to bury any opposition to their venal and corrupt exploitation of moral values.

The “Five Smooth Stones” program of the Lighted Candle Society will use the three pillars of facts, truth, and reality to counter the air of inevitability surrounding the pornographic culture and its associated evils, the homosexual and lesbian conspiracy. To learn more of this program click here.

To learn more of this click here.

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The Lighted Candle Society is a District of Columbia non-profit educational and charitable corporation that has been granted a 501(c)(3) status by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Donations to the Lighted Candle Society are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

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