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The Lighted Candle Society needs thousands of members to work in their own community. By becoming a member of the Lighted Candle Society you will learn how you can become a modern day David using the Five Smooth Stones program to defeat the Goliath of pornography and hedonism. Please take a moment to fill out our CONTACT SHEET given below and fill in the information that will enable us to maintain contact with you regarding the research and the educational programs of the Lighted Candle Society. Like David of old, armed with the Five Smooth Stones of the Lighted Candle Society you too can save the lives of those now in danger from the Goliath of pornography and hedonism. When you have completed the form simply click on SEND and it will come to the LCS offices.


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I can monitor the LCS web site for newsletters and current activities of the LCS.
I wish to receive the LCS newsletter by mail.
I am willing to distribute LCS materials in my community, including individual families, religious congregations, and schools.
I will recruit others to become members of the LCS.
I can organize a public meeting in my community to hear a program presented by the LCS regarding the dangers of pornography.
I will be a financial contributor to the work of the LCS.
The LCS may list my name as one of the members of the LCS.




Light a Candle Program Please check out our new Light a Candle Program.

Please click on this link to see how your contribution to support our work can be made either by mail or directly over the Internet.


The Lighted Candle Society is a District of Columbia non-profit educational and charitable corporation that has been granted a 501(c)(3) status by the United States Internal Revenue Service. Donations to the Lighted Candle Society are tax deductible as charitable contributions.

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