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JANUARY 2004 NEWSLETTER                                                                               John L. Harmer

Chairman of the Board of Trustees



“Who Will Defeat the Goliath of Carnal Hedonism?”


On Christmas day of 1953 the radio and the infant television industry broadcast programs of music and narration which spoke of faith and extolled the virtues of the Christian life so eloquently depicted in Dickens’ Christmas Carol.  Fifty years later, on Christmas day of the year 2003, a viewer had a choice among various options: there was an ample number of programs that continued to provide the traditional music of Christmas and its message of the Christ child.  However, there was now an equal or greater number of programs broadcast that depicted in graphic detail the messages of sexual promiscuity and lustful appetites and passions.  For the generation that went from childhood to senior citizen status in that fifty years the entire moral fabric that had once held the nation together is quickly coming unraveled.  The timid endeavor that began in the 1950's as an obscure experiment of taking pornography from the written page to the visual format has within fifty years grown into a Goliath of carnal hedonism of overwhelming size and strength.


On January 2nd of this year (2004) the Los Angels Times newspaper carried a story that should create an enormous sense of anxiety on the part of parents everywhere.   The story was initially picked up by various news services, such as Reuters, and almost all of the entertainment media services.  As soon as they learned that the story was in the public media the principles used every conceivable means to stop it from being read.   Remarkably, within several hours of the time when the story first appeared it was being taken off the wire services.  It was not being taken off because the story was not factual.  Quite the contrary, the story was never denied.  It was being killed because the principles about whom the story was written desperately wanted to avoid letting mainstream America know what they were planning.


The principles were Universal Music Group (the world’s largest selling record label) and several broadcasters of pornography.  The essence of the story was that these principles were planning to finance and launch in the summer of 2004 a new music channel featuring uncensored videos (read “hard core pornography”) directly aimed at the early teenage market.  The new subscription based channel would be known as “1 AM.”  The target audience for this new venture would be the 11 to 16 years old age group.  They are the ones who now patronize MTV, BET, and similar subscription channels that are taking hundreds of thousands of viewers away from the networks and the lesser obscene subscription channels.


Quoting from the Reuters syndication of the Los Angeles Times story:

“Universal Music Group, the world’s largest record label, is teaming up with satellite broadcaster DirectTV and business partners behind a prominent pornography video company to launch a music channel featuring uncensored videos.”


The story went on to say that “...Universal and the entrepreneurs of Vivid Entertainment Group founders, which is known for porn videos such as ‘Bad Wives’ and ‘Women in Uniform,’ are expected to split ownership of the venture...” 


In essence, the promoters of this new endeavor will combine the most popular of the obscene music performers with the seductive power of pornography.  (A more complete analysis of the role of pornography in today’s youth music culture can be found in the December 2003 newsletter from the Lighted Candle Society.)  The motivation for this new endeavor is the same that has ever been with the pornographers, the vast financial profits that are involved in the sale of filth.


Today the American Republic is under an attack by a combination of forces that, if they prevail, will effectively destroy the basis upon which this nation’s freedom and liberty was conceived and founded.  That basis was that individual American citizens would possess the moral and ethical virtues necessary to enable their society to enjoy the maximum liberty and freedom under a government of law.  As the moral and ethical virtues so vital to maintaining America’s commitment to the supremacy of law erode and are finally abandoned, the resulting conquest of carnal hedonism in the lives of the people will make it impossible for them to remain free under the law of the constitution.   Anarchy will soon follow when the inner self restraint so essential for the citizens of a free society is no longer an attribute of the individual citizen’s character.   Then a government under law will be replaced by some form of despotism that will force upon all citizens a conformity in behavior without which there can be no stability in society.


The Goliath of carnal hedonism has created an adulation of sexual promiscuity that has overwhelmed the traditional bastions of moral and ethical training, the family, the church, and the school.  (By “the church” we mean the aggregate group of traditional Christian Churches who use the Bible as their basic scriptural text.)  In a maddening angst to have all of the material abundance that the modern world can provide, parents are so pressured to produce the monetary means to supply that abundance that they have no time to teach or nurture their children.  The combination among America’s youth of the absence of parental guidance and the almost non-existent inculcation of moral values with the desensitizing effect of the violence and sexually explicit content of television and motion pictures and you produce a generation of youth who are devoid of the attributes vital to the maintenance of a free society.


The churches have lost their relevance as teachers of the ultimate wisdom revealed from heaven, primarily because the clergy have themselves lost faith in the source of that revealed wisdom, the holy scriptures.   Last of all, the schools have now become factories of spoon fed fantasies and lies that leave students confused,  victims of a system devoid of any endeavor to create the will and ability to think, to live and act in harmony with the personal attributes and qualities of greatness.  Inseparably connected to it all has been the collapse of moral values and restraints under the siege of obscenity and pornography.  Once confined to shoddy out of the way places of shame and garbage-dump quality, it is now found in every home of the nation courtesy of the all powerful television and Internet media.


How has all of this happened?  When the middle of the twentieth century arrived this nation and its people, who had just won the greatest military conflict in history, had a clear vision of the difference between right and wrong.  Then they began to be subjected to a propagandizing agenda that said “...there is no such thing as right and wrong, it is all a matter of personal perception.”  Lost was the previously undoubted reality that virtue will triumph over vice, that good will ultimately overcome evil, that truth does exist and that its opposite is falsity.  Also lost was the understanding that if there is no such thing as vice, there can be no such thing as virtue.  If there is no such thing as wrong, then there is no such thing as right.  If there is no such thing as evil, there can be no such thing as good. 


The result of this abandonment of time honored and proven verities was the emergence of societal acceptance of obscenity and pornography.   Among the obscenities that emerged was the dramatic embracing of homosexuality and lesbianism as “natural expressions of alternative life styles.”  Conduct that was once regarded as sinful, perverse, and anti-social was now acceptable.  Those who stepped into the public arena to announce their commitment to such perversions were honored for their so-called courage and personal integrity.  The very institutions that had once stood guard over the nation’s understanding of moral and ethical right and wrong not only became the sources of normalizing perversion, but of actually celebrating its emergence as the dawn of a new era of “enlightenment” for the American people.


As the cult of homosexuality and lesbianism unleashed its attack upon the traditional family, the entertainment media moved farther and farther into the realm of the obscene and vile.  The desensitization of the nation’s sense of dignity and propriety was further clouded by the emergence of pseudo intellectuals whose inability to discover and expand new truths led them to use their influence to question and discard centuries old maxims of moral and ethical truth.  The nation’s so called institutions of higher learning became the incubators for producing a vast array of critics and detractors from time honored and proven values.


Sadly, many of the clergy themselves became deceived by much of this pseudo intellectuality.  The truth and authority of the Bible from which the American nation had obtained its knowledge of right and wrong was constantly maligned by the same individuals and organizations that were now promoting perversion as normalcy.  The national media again made an incomparable contribution to this endeavor by demonizing the orthodox Christian believers as “ultra right wingers” and “extremist conservatives.”  Somehow the epithets of being “ultra left wingers” and “extremist liberals” were never found being used with regard to those whose contempt for the values and traditions of the past now justified their being elevated to the status of oracles of wisdom.


When the fruits of this abandonment of virtue and truth began to appear in the form of unwed teenage mothers, epidemics of venereal disease, and the collapse of marriages in divorce courts the conspirators came forward with such solutions as sex education in the schools, abortion on demand, and divorce for no reason at all.  Instead of protecting the unborn the people simply murdered fetuses.   Instead of warning the youth of the consequences of sexual promiscuity the adults taught them how to be promiscuous without the fear of disease or unwanted pregnancy.  Families disintegrated when husbands and wives who had never been taught that a successful marriage takes hard work, mutual sacrifice, and the abandonment of selfishness,  were given a monopoly game likeness of “get out of jail free” excuse to end it all with a “no fault” divorce decree that had no sense of shame or failure attached to it.


Now the second generation of those who have gone through their developing years with valueless school curriculums, homes without parental direction or support, and churches void of worshipers and clear cut moral values and exhortation to obey “the commandments,” have arrived at the time and place of leadership and authority.  In corporate board rooms they have sought riches through the violation of the most elementary rules of honesty and integrity in business life.  In the halls of government they have decided that there is no such thing as fiscal responsibility or moral imperatives.  This generation acts with total abandonment of any thought that there will ever come a day of reckoning  for profligate indulgence of both monetary and moral indebtedness.  A new generation of judges now sit on the bench in our courtrooms, but instead of judging according to the law, many of them invent legal concepts and unheard of “rights” that justify any variety of bizarre behavior.  Under their judicial robes they wear levis and sweatshirts to show their disdain for the honorable exercise of the judicial authority.   In the class room it is impossible to tell the teacher from the truant.  Both are attired the same, and both swagger with the brazen contempt for the sacrifice and labor of those who built the buildings in which they now verbally urinate upon their prior benefactors.


So the Goliath of carnal hedonism stands unchallenged throughout much of our land.  However, if all we can do is wring our hands and shake our heads in dismay at the sight and sound of the evil about us we are of all people, the most useless.  Such is not our intent. Onto this scene moral and spiritual disarray the Lighted Candle Society has come with a mission to preserve the American Republic from the political disintegration that will inevitably come about if the current trends regarding moral degradation continue unabated.  This society chooses to build our strategy of defeating the Goliath of carnal hedonism on the concept of “the five smooth stones” by which David slew the Goliath of his day.


Before venturing out to face the giant Goliath, whose imperial army was professional, well-armed with the latest technology, and fresh from two recent victories over the outnumbered band of Israelites, the shepherd boy David leaned down to pick up five smooth stones.


The success of his action has inspired our plan.


The significance of David facing a foe of superior strength and against seemingly insurmountable odds with a simple sling and stones was the great tactical advantage he held over Goliath.  As the duelist for the Philistines, Goliath’s armament was designed for close hand-to-hand combat.  David, however, had no intent of getting within a sword’s length of his opponent, preferring instead to use a weapon which could be used from a distance.  With it, he was able to find the giant’s greatest point of vulnerability and exploit it with a well placed shot between the eyes.


He effectively neutered his adversary’s advantages by out-thinking him, not outfighting him.  The Lighted Candle Society intends to do no less.  The shepherd boy David combined a knowledge of Goliath’s vulnerabilities with an unswerving trust in God to bring about success.  Our plan for action is no different.  We recognize that we cannot go toe-to-toe with the tremendous political and financial advantages of the pornography industry juggernaut and its allies.  We do not have the hundreds of millions of dollars and organizational strength they possess.  Nor do we posses the control of the media channels that mold public opinion or the cadres of fiercely dedicated followers willing to do literally anything to advance the cause of carnal hedonism.  This fight will be waged uphill, something we have been doing to date from a defensive posture in the courtroom and the legislative chamber, reacting to each and every assault with the limited time and resources available.  Therefore, for the first time our plan presumes an offensive posture.   While we still expect to be outspent we do not expect to be out-thought.


The symbolism of David’s five smooth stones speaks to the methods this plan envisions.  We understand from this classic Bible story that we, too, are to select actions and words that may effectively be used be used in defeating an enemy as powerful as our modern day Goliath of carnal hedonism.   David knew that rough stones would not carry straight when thrown.  Likewise, we have devised a plan that will go straight home to the heart of this issue.  Our five smooth stones are: THE FAMILY; THE CHURCH; THE TRUTH; THE INDIVIDUAL; and THE FAITH TO FOLLOW THE LIGHT.


These are the five stones.  The sling is the Lighted Candle Society.  Each of you must accept the responsibility of becoming a modern David.


Our strategy is to provide every individual, and every family,  with an understanding of how and why they must protect themselves and those about them from the venom of carnal hedonism.  We are especially committed to providing the rising generation of Americans with an understanding of the potential tragedies that await them if they allow themselves to become entrapped with addiction to the various forms of carnal hedonism such as pornography,  homosexuality and the music and violence that are associated with them in our entertainment media.   Our primary message will be to make all aware that the greatest happiness for the individual comes from having a knowledge of the wisdom of the past, from the strength of character forged in conformity to God’s commandments given through his prophets, from living courageously  by moral and ethical convictions, from developing personal strength through self-mastery, and from the faith to follow the light of truth.


The Lighted Candle Society will provide to each of its members the ability to strengthen families, churches, schools, and individuals with faith in the light of truth.  As we do this these five smooth stones, the family, the church, the school, the individual, and the faith to follow the light of truth will be the weapons by which the Goliath of carnal hedonism can be defeated.  This is more than a crusade for the restoration of moral values.  This is a war we must win for the future survival of the Republic.






























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