John L. Harmer, Chairman

In March of 2005 the Trustees of the Lighted Candle Society determined to proceed with a major effort to engage in litigation with the producers and distributors of hard core pornography over pay per view television.  In May and June we brought several attorneys and other experts to Salt Lake City to design the strategy for this endeavor.  The month of July was selected as the month to record the “evidence” that will be used when our lawsuits are filed.  We anticipate being ready to go into court in early October.


During the months of July and August we recorded some fifteen separate motion pictures that were broadcast in the state of Utah on a repeated basis four times a day.   From beginning to end each of these pictures contained nothing but the most sordid and vile presentations of sexual perversion.  A confirmed pornography addict will spend as much as thirty dollars a day on these pay per view pornography channels.  The producers of these films have publicly stated that one of their biggest problems is to respond to the “audience demands” for more graphic presentations.  When the addict cannot find satisfaction in the fantasy world of videos, pay per view television, and the Internet they then turn to the “real thing” because nothing else will satisfy them.


In a recent interview on television station KETV 7, in Omah, Nebraska, a man sentenced to five to ten years in state prison for forcible rape summarized his experience “...from porn to prison” in this way.

“First it was Playboy that his father had brought into the home.

Then it was the more graphic pornography magazines.  Soon “...that wasn’t enough.”

“Then it was videos, and then the Internet.”  On the Internet he began contacting women in

chat rooms.  As a married man he soon lost interest in his wife and family and began having sexual encounters with the women he met over the Internet.  Finally one night he secretly met one of these women and said in his interview, “I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it.”  Now he has five to ten years in the state penitentiary to ponder his path from porn to prison.


The obvious question is, how could a father be so inane as to bring a pornographic magazine into his home with a young son?  Let me tell you of an experience that may give you some clue to the answer to that question.


Recently I attended a church service in a location different from my own local congregation.  On the bench in front of me sat a sweet little family of two parents and four children.  A daughter who appeared to be about eight years of age became restless and was given a magazine by her mother that had been published for her age group.  The magazine was partially a coloring book and partially filled with photographs idolizing the fashions and the lives of female singing artists on the MTV (Music TV) channel.  The Lighted Candle Society has repeatedly reported the fact that ninety percent of the lyrics presented on this channel are composed of vile renditions of sexual perversions.  The performers on MTV openly engage in sexually arousing conduct.  A variety of credible surveys report that this channel is far and away the most popular channel among American teenagers.


So there I sat, watching a mother in a church meeting hand her little daughter a magazine that had been specifically designed to seduce young girls into a mind set that the only way they could be popular and attractive to men was to adopt the fashions and behavior presented in pornography.  I do not know where that mother obtained that magazine, but she obviously had no clue as to what its real purpose was and what effect that purpose would ultimately have on her presently innocent little daughter.


From porn to prison, from coloring books to immodest dress to promiscuity and an unwed pregnancy.

That pattern has been documented in thousands - tens of thousands - of lives that have been scared with the tragedy of the plague of carnality and hedonism that is the harvest of our obsession with sex.


Nearly two years ago the Lighted Candle Society was asked to assist a small group of entrepreneurs who had been sanitizing motion pictures to make them family friendly.  The “mom and pop” business entities would make available to families current motion pictures from which the vulgarity of language and explicit sexual conduct had been removed.  They had sought and obtained competent legal advice that the methodology they utilized was not in violation of copyright and trademark laws.


The motion picture industry could not abide the thought that others could presume to “improve” the quality of their products.  Even when data was provided that demonstrated that these small business enterprises were actually increasing the revenue to the producers of these motion pictures the industry still refused to leave them alone.  The situation finally evolved into a class action law suit against more than a dozen of these local enterprises.  The burden of the legal expenses for several of them became so onerous that they finally had to surrender.  They entered into settlement agreements that prohibited them from ever again entering into this business. 


The Lighted Candle Society has provided a very modest amount of financial support to these defendants.  However, we have been unable to provide the funds that are desperately needed to prevent all of the defendants from finally giving up the fight.   Their attorneys inform us that the current situation will undoubtedly result in the ultimate financial demise of all of their clients unless we can find a way to provide them with another fifteen to twenty thousand dollars of support.

With this newsletter we are making a special appeal for contributions to the legal defense fund for the “Family Flix” and “Clean Films” group of defendants.  If you are willing and able to assist them please send your tax deductible donation to the Lighted Candle Society office marked “Family Films Defense Fund.”  We in turn will forward these funds to the several law firms that are donating much of their time and talent to provide for their defense.


The current avalanche of the production and distribution of pornography is but one symptom of a society that has lost the moral bearings that brought about its miraculous rise from obscurity to being the greatest nation on earth.  As an individual becomes addicted to pornography that capacity for self restraint is eroded away.  The greater the degree of perversion in the visual and written materials being consumed by the pornography addict the less capacity there is for self discipline under the influence of the spirit and the written law.  Husbands become abusive of wives and children.  Women who have become corrupted by pornography become contemptuous of those attributes of true femininity that are the nature of a virtuous woman.  Women involved with pornography more easily become Lesbians as they search for “safe” ways to express their lustful desires.  Young people of both sexes abandon all restraint in language and behavior.  They become course and rude, especially toward those who have remained faithful to the moral virtues so essential to our freedom under law.


When a sufficiently large enough segment of the population become thus estranged from the virtues and the norms that are the legacy of our nation’s founding fathers we are then in danger of losing our constitutional freedoms.  The Constitution of The United States was based on the premise that the individual citizens were possessed of those virtues that enabled them to be self governing under law.  Americans have been free of tyrannical despots because they were willing to honor the laws of the land and capable of the self restraint that such freedom under law required.


If there could be any doubt about the imminence of the danger that pornography could become pervasive throughout our land one need only look at the incredible speed with which the perversion of homosexuality and lesbianism has been turned from a carnal vice into a civil right.  Conduct that from the creation of man until the present day that had been categorized as sinful, perverse, and immoral was now to be considered “normal” or an “alternative life style.”


The Lighted Candle Society’s major emphasis now is to confront the “demand” side of the pornography issue.  We are determined to make all people aware of the enormous consequences to our way of life if the hedonism and carnality that pornography represent should ever become prevalent among a large segment of our population.  Patriotically we sing “...confirm thy soul in self control, thy liberty in law.”  It is the commitment to the supremacy of law that makes our freedom possible.  Pornography ultimately destroys the individual’s ability to exercise self control, and hence their ability to live in liberty under law.