We feel a great sense of responsibility for the stewardship of the resources that the donors to the Lighted Candle Society place in our hands.  In this newsletter I begin with a brief summary of our activities during the past month.  In so doing, I also wish to note that the Lighted Candle Society has no paid employees.  We do pay a per diem fee to professionals such as lawyers and other experts who we retain to render specific services.


1.       During the past month we held meetings in Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia regarding the legal strategies to be used in our pending litigation against the “pay per view” cable t.v. producers and distributors of pornography.

2.       We brought experts to Salt Lake City to assist in preparing for publication a revision of our book, A War We Must Win.  That book was originally published in 1999.  So much of legal and scientific importance has taken place since that time that we have determined to publish a revised edition of the book.

3.       We prepared and submitted to several foundations a proposal to help finance a second symposium for the purpose of designing a protocol for a scientific analysis of the way in which pornography becomes chemically addictive.  Two years ago the Lighted Candle Society sponsored such a symposium and a protocol for such a study was created.  In that two year period there has been so much progress in the use of the functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging technology that it became necessary to convene a new symposium.  We anticipate that the symposium will be held before the end of the calendar year.

4.       We continue to add information to our library from legal and scientific sources regarding the ways in which the consumption of pornography creates such tragic results in the lives of individuals and communities.




Several times during the past two years we have reported on how the fraudulent junk science of a sexual psychopath became the means by which a number of tragic changes took place insofar as the moral environment of the United States was concerned.  Because of the Kinsey fraud the “no fault” divorce laws came about, resulting in the disillusion of marriages at the whim of one partner or the other. After centuries of experience the penalties that were part of laws that had been enacted to protect women and children were trivialized into minor inconveniences instead of the punishment they deserved.


As a result of these and other aspects of Kinsey’s junk science and the adulation of the mass media for his culture of “no restraints on sexual perversions” the crimes against women and children dramatically increased.  Both men and women abused the “no fault” divorce laws, but men, finding many of the prior legal restraints against their violent conduct significantly reduced or even eliminated, engaged in physical abuse of women and children at a vastly increased rate.

Two other “bitter fruits” that have been harvested from the tree of death that Kinsey planted have been the success of the feminist movement in eliminating the father in the home as an essential part of any successful family, and the push by the liberal elements of our society to legalize and extol the homosexual/lesbian cabal.  We see our society and what little culture remains within it disintegrating before our eyes.  So what can we do to save ourselves and our children’s future?


First, we need a much clearer mandate to our elected officials that they must step forward to deal with this problem.  Our people need to be communicating with their representatives that they will no longer accept lame excuses for failure to enforce laws that are on the books.  Every day millions of felonies take place that violate laws enacted by Congress and state legislatures.  Local District Attorneys say that they do not have the budget to deal with these felonies.  State Attorneys General use the same excuse.  Federal law enforcement officials make a great noise about enforcing the laws regarding child pornography while ignoring the vast array of so-called adult pornography that exists everywhere.  There is an answer to these wishy-washy excuses.  The people still hold the balance of power.  We need to exercise it with a clear mandate by removing from office those who are unwilling or unable to respond to the danger.


Second, people need to recruit strong men and women to seek public office, and then to work hard to elect them and to support them.   


Third, people need to know which corporations are supporting the producers and distributors of pornography, and which are aiding and abetting the anti-family forces in our society.  Were it not for the casual uninformed financial support that millions of Americans provide to corporations that are actively involved in financing the disintegration of our culture, much of the evil that has come upon us would never be taking place.  Why patronize merchants, manufacturers, financial institutions, and other entities that openly flaunt their contempt for dignity and decency by their support of the obscene?  The consumer still holds the ultimate power if we will only unite in support of those whose business practices support and sustain that which is good and virtuous.




During the past month we became aware of some research conducted in South Africa which confirmed the work of Dr. Judith Reisman on behalf of the Lighted Candle Society.  The information came to us from a Mr. Mervin Pearce, the CEO of a firm called Security Audit and Control Solutions.  Mr. Pearce was able to carry out a thirteen month study of a group of individuals using the computers in their place of employment to access pornography sites on the Internet.


Mr. Pearce’s thirteen month collection of data provided three significant facts regarding the use of computers in the workplace to access pornography on the Internet:


FIRST:  The individual who was using the office computer to access pornography would gradually increase the frequency with which he went to the pornography web sites and the severity of the content that he sought out.  Mr. Pearce’s company created a matrix of utilization that was referred to as the “Explicit Factor,” or the EF.  There were six categories of the EF for every computer monitored:

            EFO was normal web surfing

EF-1 Was web surfing in “accidental” pornography images displayed on the computer:

            EF-2    Soft core pornography intentionally sought out by the end user.

            EF-3    Transition stage from soft core to more graphic explicit material.

            EF-4    Hard-core frequent user

            EF-5    Pornographic materials for which the receipt and transmission thereof was a criminal offense.  Material governed by child protection laws and related statutes.

Throughout the thirteen months of the study individuals who began in the EFO category of normal web surfing migrated to the hard core site as a “frequent user.”  According to Mr. Pearce, “What I found is that the urge to view sites of explicit nature grows over time.  This is due to the “user” becoming an “addict.”  (Emphasis added)


SECOND:   The two days on which the most office computers were used most to access pornography were Friday and Sunday.  Employees were returning to the office for a brief time on Sunday just to be able to access pornography.  When they were finally satiated with the obscenity they would leave. 


Friday was the highest day of individual computers being used to access pornography.  The employee (addict) was in need of one final session before leaving to go home.  Monday was the third highest day.  Those who had not been able to return to the office on Sunday immediately turned to pornography sites as soon as they came into the office on Monday morning.


THIRD:  By monitoring the time of day when the pornographic web sites were accessed Mr. Pearce found that individuals who were frequenting the pornography sites would do so first thing in the morning, then near the mid-day, usually just before the lunch break, and then again at the end of the work day. 


These results of a thirteen month audit of individuals using their computer in the workplace to access pornography dramatically confirm the work of Dr. Judith Reisman.  For several years Dr. Reisman has used data obtained from various studies of the human brain to note that the viewing of pornography becomes an addiction.  Dr. Reisman’s data shows that when the human brain records a pornographic image it will release a “cocktail” of endogenous drugs that are produced by the body.  Dr. Reisman has coined the term “erototoxins” to identify this cocktail of various drugs that the human body produces for a variety of purposes.  When an individual experiences this release of these ‘erotoxins” he mislabels the chemical high that he experiences as sexual arousal.  In fact it is anything but a sexual arousal.  But that chemical cocktail of drugs produced within the body becomes the basis for the addiction to pornography for the viewer.

Mr. Pearce and his associates postulate that when the addict arrives at the office in the morning the first thing he or she does is to get a chemical “fix” by having the brain release this cocktail of endogenous drugs produced in the body.  That ‘fix” is obtained by viewing pornography on the Internet.  Near noon the effect of the morning fix has worn off and the addict then goes onto the Internet to get another “fix” before leaving for lunch.  At the end of the day a final “fix” is obtained.  On Friday, which is the day of maximum accessing of pornography sites, the addict knows that he or she cannot get another “fix” until Monday, (or possibly on Sunday).   On Friday the number of office computers accessing pornography sites literally go off the top of the graph.




The information that Mr. Pearce and his associates obtained throughout their thirteen month monitoring of computer sites accessing pornography confirms beyond any doubt the reality that pornography is addictive and that the addiction produces compulsive action over which the addict has no control.  Mr. Pearce notes that very frequently when employees who are using their computers to access pornography are warned by the employer that if they continue to do so they will lose their employment they will still do so.  The compulsion of the addiction will overcome their cognitive ability to realize that it will cost them their employment.  This is exactly what constitutes an addiction – that is, the loss of the ability to exercise agency through rational thought.


The producers and distributors of pornography know for certain that many of those who consume their products will become addicts.  That is exactly what they intend to have happen.  Once they have created an addict that person will do anything, will sacrifice anything, monetary or otherwise, to experience the “erototoxin” chemical fix that pornography produces.  In extreme cases they will carry out the most hideous of brutal crimes against some victim in order to experience that “erotoxic” fix.


The pornographers have recruited a secret combination of individuals and entities to do whatever is necessary to deny the truth.  The members of these secret combinations are in every necessary place to protect the pornographers from justice.  They are in the news media, in the judiciary, in the legal profession, on the university and college faculties, and above all, at every level of government.  They are “masters of deceit” and seldom if ever is their true loyalty ever made known.  Those who have become victims of their wrath because they have attempted to make known the truth of what they are doing are able to witness with certainty to the reality of their presence and power.


Of them Isaiah wrote:  “Ye have said, We have made a covenant with death, and with hell are we at agreement;  when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, it shall not come unto us:  for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves.”          Isaiah 28:15