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In Washington, D.C., there is a pillar of stone outside an entrance to the Archives of the United States upon which is written this statement: The Past is Prologue. A recurrent theme in the many histories that have been written about the rise to power of the Nazi political party in Germany during the decades of 1920 and 1930 is the observation that once the judges in Germany began to defend and support the Nazi leadership and their outrageous philosophy, those who opposed the Nazis realized that they had lost the battle.


In a recent op ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, the Honorable Edwin Meese, a former Attorney General of the United States and one of the trustees for the Lighted Candle Society wrote as follows:

We ought to be disturbed when judges circumvent the lawmaking process and assume the powers of legislating. We also should be troubled by the ease with which these judges are willing to discard clear laws and legislative intent because it fails their perception of rationality. Constitutional government is threatened when judges alter the definition of things and reinterpret duly approved laws in order to achieve their own policy preferences.


In the last two years we have seen judges in various parts of the nation and in several different judicial venues abolish laws forbidding sodomy, establish by judicial fiat an entirely new and offensive definition of marriage and the family, and confirm the legal use of racial preferences for selection to receive scholarships and admission to colleges and universities.


All of these decisions were made arbitrarily and without even the most remote reliance upon specific constitutional provisions or common law precedence. Other judges have determined that the words under God cannot be used in our national pledge of allegiance, and that the presiding judge of a state supreme count cannot have the ten commandments displayed in the area in front of the court house. In response to that mandate the Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court wrote as follows:

For half a century the fanciful tailors of revisionist jurisprudence have been working to strip the public sector naked of every vestige of God and morality. They have done so based on fake readings and inconsistent applications of the First Amendment. They have said it is all right for the U.S. Supreme Court to publicly place the Ten Commandments on its walls, for Congress to open in prayer and for state capitols to have chaplains-as long as the words and ideas communicated by such do not really mean what they purport to communicate.


We are reaping the harvest of a generation of law school graduates who are now sitting as judges in every court of the land, from the lowest to the highest. These men and women attended law schools where the basic assumptions contained in our Judeo-Christian culture regarding law were denigrated and dismissed as unsuitable for a sophisticated modern America. In 1765, William Blackstone, whose Commentaries on the Laws of England so influenced American jurisprudence, said that, Natures law and biblical law are the foundation for an ordered society. Two centuries later the prevailing paradigm among the liberal elitists that dominated the nations most prestigious laws schools was to the effect that modern science is now the oracle upon which rational legal principles are to be obtained. Tragically much of that so-called science has been proven to be junk science.


Beginning in the 1950s the courts and the state legislatures began a process of re-interpreting common law and changing the specific language of statutory law that resulted in the dismantling of the family unit. Fathers were relegated to a state of triviality, divorce was made available on a basis of convenience, abortion upon demand, and the protection of women and children from sexual abuse tragically curtailed.


Launched by the fraudulent Kinsey reports and further impelled by the same influences that came to dominate both the university law schools and the courts, an organization called SIECUS (Sex Information and Education Council of the United States) gained access to school rooms all over America. Dr. Judith Reisman, Ph.D, one of the two principle speakers at the Lighted Candle Societys 12 May fund raising event, has produced a remarkable documentation of how these forces combined to abolish any reference to moral values in the schoolroom, and systematically destroyed the legal protections for women, children, and the family. In a recently published commentary Dr. Reisman wrote:


After decades of government and media-endorsement, eugenic sexologists,hiding inside the Trojan Horse of sex education have stealthily entered our public, private, and parochial schoolrooms. So schooled, a sex cult now pervades our churches, courts, legislatures, and public and private school systems.

Following is her summary of one such program that was instituted not in the public schools, but in the parochial schools of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston.


The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston made the determination to adopt a SIECUS inspired program for the parochial schools in Boston entitled, Talking About Touching. (TAT) Catholic parents in Boston are implicitly told to trust the disciples of Alfred Kinsey with their innocent children. Sexual subversives, charged with creating sweeping rates of child sexual abuse, will further train Catholic children on how to be safe from sexual abuse. That is not likely.


The Talking About Touching program, parents should know, is endorsed by such inveterate opponents of Catholicism as Planned Parenthood and was originally designed by COYOTE (a sex workers rights organization of strippers, sex talk phone operators, prostitutes, and porn actresses.). As a sympathetic non-Catholic, I find the endorsement of a sex program pioneered by prostitutes bizarre. The alleged safety program cynically shifts the burden of ending child molestation from adults to children.


One parent reported that in the TAT introductory video a child of about five years old is scripted to ask, Mommy, what is sex. The mothers lines read, Sex is when two people get undressed and rub their private parts together. Following the TAT presentation, one father observed, There was no mention of chastity or love, that the two people should be married, or even that they should be of the opposite sex - whether the child (in the video) was an actor or not, I knew that the child had just been sexually abused.


Other examples abound that reveal TATs creation of damaging distrust of all authorities, its violation of parents rights and its premature sexualization of small children.


Why would sex workers want to eroticize children and eliminate marriage from their hearts and minds? Well, obviously, COYOTE progenitor of the Committee For Children which produced TAT, profits from eroticizing as many children as possible. Some percentage of young flesh will eventually be recruited into their sex businesses.


Copies of Dr. Reismans analysis of how the junk science of Dr. Alfred Kinsey, as fabricated in the late 1940s aided and abetted these tragic changes are available from the web site of the Lighted Candle Society. (









Throughout the United States there are numerous individuals and organizations that are working intensely to protect our moral and political heritage. The specific causes with which they are concerned include among others protecting and enhancing the definition, structure and legal foundation of the family, defending the definition of marriage as traditionally accepted in western culture, fighting pornography and obscenity, protecting children from sexual abuse and exploitation, and affirming the right to the free exercise of religion.


We are particularly well acquainted with those organizations that are specifically working to curtail the production and distribution of pornography. Many of these organizations have functioned for years and are well established with a strong base of financial and volunteer support. So far all of the efforts of all the well-intentioned and dedicated individuals and organizations fighting against pornography have resulted in very few victories. In view of that fact we think it appropriate to ask and to answer the question, why a lighted candle society?


We quote from our January 2004 newsletter:


if all we (the Lighted Candle Society) can do is wring our hands and shake our heads in dismay at the sight and sound of the evil about us we are of all people, the most useless.


The answer to why a Lighted Candle Society can be given in very direct terms. During the last decade the Goliath of Hedonism that represents the pornography industry has achieved a status of acceptance and power that threatens to engulf and destroy the American Republic. Notwithstanding all of the good work and intense efforts that all of the above referenced organizations have made, and must continue to make, the evidence confirms that the war is being lost. The data included in our February newsletter makes it clear that with each passing day the pornography conspiracy captures more and more victims. It is particularly frightening that so many of these victims are among our youth.


This incredible success by the pornographers in expanding their market to additional millions did not come about by chance. In 1978 representatives of the pornography industry set out a strategy that included making pornography more acceptable to women, improving the technical quality of pornography, finding a way to market pornography directly into the home, and to enhance an alliance with the motion picture industry that would result in a desensitization of the American public to the presentation of graphic sexual conduct. In the next twenty-five years the pornographers succeeded far beyond their own expectations. Although at the time the pornographers did not foresee the Internet, they did make a specific commitment to find a way to induce young people into pornography and to market pornography directly into the home. The obvious way to do that was to work through the motion picture industry.


Mr. Bryan Youd, Chairman of the Board of Advisors to the Lighted Candle Society has put is most succinctly:

They (the pornography industry) can not exist on their current base of addicts. They are aggressively seeking and recruiting more and more victims into the dark clutches of pornography. The pornographers have a simple strategy for growing their market. They rely heavily on a subtle, even gentle, incrementalism.


The purveyors of evil do not seek recruits among those that will or even can at a first sitting endure two hours of pornographic filthRather, they seek recruits to watch the one questionable scene (15-30 seconds) in a PG-rated movie and say, now that was just one scene-what is the big deal?


If these recruits can not answer what is the big deal? about enduring that one scene, neither can they answer questions about six scenes in a mild PG-13 movie, or twenty scenes in an extreme PG-13 movie, or two hours of graphic but by no means pornographic material in an R-rated movie and so on and so forth straight into the clutches of evil.


That is exactly the strategy that the pornography industry has pursued so successfully for the last twenty-five to thirty years. So skillfully have they used the motion picture and television medium to desensitize millions of Americans that in many instances the audiences do not even know when they are watching material that is blatantly pornographic. If this strategy is allowed to continue unabated the nations doom is sealed.


We are not suggesting abandoning any of the current efforts to oppose the pornographers, whether in the court room, the legislative chambers, or the community. But we can no longer rely upon the tactics and strategies of the past to defeat the Goliath of Hedonism that is fed and armed by the pornography industry. We must bring new leadership and more effective strategies into the battle.




We have previously announced the use of the metaphor of FIVE SMOOTH STONES to describe the weapons to be used in defeating the pornographers. However, as the original account of Davids slaying of Goliath makes clear, it was only when the smooth stone was actually used in Davids sling that the victory was won. Five smooth stones without slings are of no effect. A sling without a warrior willing and able to use that sling is useless. Unlike the original encounter between David and Goliath, ours is not a one warrior battle on either side. The pornography conspiracy includes millions of dedicated individuals who have been reaping the enormous financial gains that have come from the sale of their venom. They will battle to the literal death to prevent anyone from denying them the fruits of their labors. The Lighted Candle Society can only prevail if we recruit a corps of warriors who are even more committed to the cause of light and truth.

On the evening of Wednesday, 12 May, the strategy by which we will defeat the Goliath of Hedonims will be presented. However, no matter how skillful the presentation of the strategy may be, without a solid corps of committed Davids who are willing to pick up their slings and begin to hurl the Five Smooth Stones at our modern day Goliath, the strategy has no hope for success. We need to have five hundred such potential warriors in attendance on the 12th of May. If every individual that receives this newsletter would become one of those committed warriors that five hundred will soon become five thousand, the five thousand will soon become fifty thousand and the Goliath of Hedonism will be in full retreat.


The name of our society is taken from the ancient proverb is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. Our vision is to unite several million Americans who will each month spend ten dollars to light a candle so that the light of truth may overpower and destroy the mists of darkness that are ever present with pornography. The FIVE SMOOTH STONES program of the Lighted Candle Society is the means by which we empower individuals, families and religious congregations with the knowledge and the ability to utilize that knowledge to protect themselves and others from the venom of pornography. Will you consider sacrificing something each month that will enable you to send to us through our web site a modest ten dollar contribution? With the united support of those in whom the light of truth yet burns brightly we can prevail over the evil combinations that new seek to destroy our heritage of freedom by the dark powers of pornography.



The web site for the LIGHTED CANDLE SOCIETY is now up and running. If you wish to get a past newsletter, forward one of our newsletters to a friend, or to make a donation to the LCS, all of this can be done electronically on our web site. The electronically encrypted procedure with the Wells Fargo Bank allows you to use your credit card with total safety when subscribing to the newsletter or making a contribution.



On Wednesday, the 12th of May, the Lighted Candle Society

will present a program that will be of historic significance.

Two of the nations most respected experts regarding

how pornography destroys those who become addicted to it will be making

a presentation that will set the new paradigm for understanding

the danger to our nations survival from pornography.