John L. Harmer


With this newsletter we give you a report of our stewardship during the past year of the resources that have been provided by you and our many other donors to THE LIGHTED CANDLE SOCIETY.  I hope you will feel that our efforts have justified your trust as evidenced by the financial contributions you have made.  I am equally hopeful that you will continue to provide the generous financial support that makes it possible for us to carry on our programs.  (Although I spend about forty percent of my time working on matters involving The Lighted Candle Society I do not receive any compensation from the Society for my services.  Neither do any of our trustees who donate so much time and leadership to our efforts receive any compensation for their services.)


During the founding first two years of the existence of The Lighted Candle Society our trustees felt that we should concentrate on assisting other organizations and volunteer groups that are committed to the battle against the production and distribution of pornography.  To that end we provided financial assistance, legal counsel, and similar support to many such individuals and organizations.  All the while conscious that in some ways we were duplicating what others were doing, or what they were capable of doing once someone provided them with guidance and additional financial support.


In early 2003 our trustees spent considerable time and effort seeking to determine exactly how the resources of The Lighted Candle Society could be used most effectively.  What could we do that others were not doing?  It soon became evident that the contribution we could make that would fill a void where no one else was involved would be to gather the evidence that could be used to bring civil actions in a court of law against the producers and distributors of pornography.  In the three years since that decision was made we have spent over half a million dollars in preparing to accomplish this goal.  We are pleased to report to you that we are now ready to go forward with civil litigation against specific producers and distributors of pornography.


We participated in the creation of the Legacy Law Foundation to provide the structure in which the attorneys and other scholars could function in preparing for this task. Much of our effort for the past year has been to gather evidence and to prepare our legal team with the resources necessary to carry on this offensive.  With the Legacy Law Foundation we assembled a group of attorneys from around the country who have donated much of their time helping us determine the legal strategies to be used.  We have retained the services of highly qualified experts with regard to the gathering of evidence that would be required to pursue the legal strategies.  We have brought both legal and medical experts to seminars in which they presented evidence of the harm that has been inflicted upon millions of innocent victims by the producers and distributors of pornography. 


While this preparatory process has been carried on we have sponsored other seminars for the benefit of law enforcement personnel and citizen activists. These decisions focused on pushing back the increasing intrusion of pornography into our homes and communities. 


What began as a revision of the book A War We Must Win evolved into the decision to print an entirely new treatise on this issue which we have entitled, The War We Will Win.  This book will finally come off the press in January, 2007.  In it we outline in greater detail the urgent challenge we face and the strategy that we are confident will produce victory.


In 2007 we will continue our tradition of holding an annual dinner at which we will  present the “GUARDIAN OF THE LIGHT” award to an individual who has sacrificed his or her time and energy in the cause of preserving the dignity and decency of our society. Before that dinner takes place our attorneys will have filed our first lawsuit against a major producer and distributor of pornography. 


In early 2007 we will sponsor a second symposium of medical experts to update the protocol we previously prepared on how to use functional Magnetic Resonance Imagery to study the deleterious effect of pornography upon the brain.  To the degree possible with the financial resources provided to us we will continue with the publication of the information developed by our researchers regarding the destructive influence of pornography in our society.


As we do not have an office for The Lighted Candle Society,  we receive our mail at the private residence of one of our trustees.  Sometimes that mail contains a letter of appreciation from someone whose life we have been able to bless through our efforts.  More frequently the mail we receive contains the account of another individual or family who has been devastated by the purveyors of pornography.


It is not our objective to issue press releases or seek notoriety for our labors.  So it has been with great honor over the past year to have received recognition and awards from civic and church organizations for which we are grateful.  How deserving we are of those commendations will be determined by our success in the courtrooms during the coming year.


We know that we are engaged in the cause of truth.  The power and influence of the sex industrial complex far exceeds our own capacity and resources.  Nonetheless, we approach 2007 with the conviction that we are now ready to engage the enemy on the battlefield where we are certain of ultimate victory because we have the truth.  When that victory is achieved it will mark the beginning of the ultimate annihilation of an industry based upon the pandering deviant sex and violence.


No matter how modest the resources that you are able to use toward cause we hope that you will take a few minutes to fill in the attached donation card.  For your donation of fifty dollars or more you will receive a complimentary copy of the book mentioned above, The War We Will Win.  With a contribution today of three hundred dollars, you will be acknowledged with two tickets to our annual dinner in May.  And a  contribution of twelve hundred dollars will enable you to host a table of eight at our dinner.  If you prefer to make an ongoing  monthly contribution of ten dollars through our “Light A Candle” program you will receive our newsletter (and after five months a copy of the book The War We Will Win).


May the coming year be one of triumph for our cause.